Principles of AMOR

The scope of our work

From customized mobility concepts to target-oriented, cost-effective and above all sustainable solutions to current traffic problems. The mobility concepts of Austrian Mobility Research draw on technical as well as on organisational and communication measures. Human behaviour is always at the centre. For example, Austrian Mobility Research develops traffic solutions for business areas that address car, bicycle, foot and public transport, while at the same time custom tailoring individual mobility alternatives for each employee.  For schools, Austrian Mobility Research works to improve the school environment and collaborates directly with students, parents and teachers. In addition, Austrian Mobility Research develops mobility solutions for events as well as housing estates and communities.


BYPAD training 2017 in Graz BYPAD training 2017 in Graz
This year's BYPAD auditors' training will take place from 3-5 July 2017 in the premises of FGM-AMOR in Graz.
Through the BYPAD training you will get to know the BYPAD method and the BYPAD tools needed for the application of BYPAD in towns, cities and regions. You will become a member of the BYPAD network of towns, cities, regions and experienced cycling experts and become a certified BYPAD auditor authorised to conduct BYPAD audits. The target group are all interested persons and experienced cycling experts who want to apply the BYPAD method to provide towns, cities and regions with a systematic approach for improving the quality of their cycling policies.
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Forschungsforum 2016 - Mobilität und Digitalisierung Forschungsforum 2016 - Mobilität und Digitalisierung

The „Forschungsforum – Mobility for All 2016“ had a specific focus on the topics mobility and digitalisation. The event did not only provide an insight into social trends and current research results, but it also demonstrated how digitalisation affects our environment and our mobility. This year a special focus was put on possible advantages as well as disadvantages that this particular topic may lead to. The Forschungsforum also took a closer look at possible effects and side effects and also which developments are to be expected and who will benefit from them.
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