Organization, Information, Raising Awareness

Austrian Mobility Research is one of Europes’ leading businesses in the field of mobility management. In order to reduce automobile traffic, we present a variety of alternatives and measures specifically designed for different ages and lifestyles and according to people's needs and opportunities.


We conduct public information campaigns promoting the tangible personal advantages of using transportation alternatives such as walking, bicycling and public transport. These include healthier and longer lives, mental health, lower costs and saving time. Austrian Mobility Research also promotes awareness of the relationship between environmental problems such as global warming, particulate matter, traffic noise, urban space usage, crude oil shortage, etc. and common transportation patterns.

We are developing solutions that make use of the high, sustainable potential of gentle mobility in cooperation with clients, contractors and the public.


Austrian Mobility Research focuses on mobility projects by working with those that both produce and are affected by traffic congestion, such as companies, events, schools and housing developments.


Reference projects: