High Quality and Modern Comfort

An efficient public transport network makes you independent from the car and helps reduce the side effects of motorized individual transport (i.e., congestion, parking problems and high emissions). All of Austrian Mobility Research’s projects and activities in planning and implementing public transportation put passenger needs at the center of attention.


Austrian Mobility Research applies its extensive experience and research to improving customer service and making it easy to transfer to other public transit services. Examples include:


  • Websites with current information and schedules.
  • Information panels at bus and tram stops.
  • Introducing bus lanes and improving access to bus stops.
  • Modernizing the bus fleet (i.e. air-conditioned low-floor buses).

By constantly exchanging ideas and developments within its European network Austrian Mobility Research is able to detect trends early and incorporate them into the design and implementation of projects, making public transport more and more attractive.


Reference projects: