Mobility Should also be Healthy for Our Environment.

To help reduce air pollution, urban noise and traffic, FGM-AMOR projects support the use of automobiles with alternative drive systems, the refueling of electric vehicles with green energy or solar stations and regional operations for the local production of fuel.


By networking with domestic and foreign manufacturers and research institutions throughout Europe, FGM-AMOR can work on specific goals and enable a transfer of expert know-how.  Through an extensive exchange of information with our partners, FGM-AMOR can identify trends early and find cost effective and efficient solutions.

Austrian Mobility Research is working to make the entire "well to wheel" chain environmentally friendly. This includes the systematic collection and treatment of all effects of the fuel supply to the movement of vehicles. At the same time, Austrian Mobility Research conducts advocacy and information campaigns in the field of electrical mobility, fuel saving and eco-driving training.


Reference projects: