Emission Free Last Mile Logistics

20-30% of all urban transport emissions result from commercial freight transport. In addition, there are car trips associated with private logistics. These are shopping trips and leisure or commuter associated with the transport of goods.

Therefore, the potential to shift goods transport from cars to bicycles in European cities is high. Every second urban motorized trip, associated with the transport of goods, could be done by bicycle or cargo bike. Austrian Mobility Research, FGM-AMOR, coordinates and participates in several national and international projects aiming to raise this potential. All projects further the increase of CO2-reduced logistics measures in European cities.



Projects: CycleLogistics, CycleLogistics Ahead, ÖKO-LOG, RAKO-Donaukanal, SMARTSET

The advantages of cycle logistics include:

  •  Less need of loading space.
  • Easier to manoeuvre in heavily congested situations
  •  Cargo bikes may use dedicated lanes and can also use bus lanes where allowed
  •  Access to restricted city areas all day
  • No emission of pollution and producing very low noise levels
  • Lower purchase and running costs than motor vehicles
  • Cyclists do not require driver licensing
  • Positive public perception as a result of  low environmental impact
  • Increase in safety especially in areas with high pedestrian activity