High quality of life through conscious daily mobility

Austrian Mobility Research aims to encourage soft and safe mobility modes in everyday life and offers positive incentives for walking, cycling and the use of public transport.


The point is to support people from all age groups to become active and responsible traffic participants. Traffic is adjusted to suit the needs of people and not the other way round.


At the same time Austrian Mobility Research provides suitable measures, actions and material for every age group in order to promote soft and safe mobility.

Offers range from soft mobility toys, e.g. for nurseries, to the use of run bikes in kindergartens and to mobility games, like the traffic snake game for primary school children or a treasure hunt for teenagers. Cycling training is provided for families and senior citizens. Workshops dealing with traffic safety and an ecologically aware mobility are offered during apprenticeship trainings. Innovative training and further education seminars for trainers, driving school instructors and teachers complete the traffic education work.


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