Encouraging Personal Responsibility

Austrian Mobility Research uses a whole-systems approach in developing project proposals, i.e. environmental, social and health issues are all integrated into the area of safety. The whole should have an effect in each of these separate areas in order to ensure sustainable development in a people and environmentally friendly transit system. The qualifications of the core team correspond in practice to the work of an interdisciplinary group of professionals in the fields of sociology, psychology, pedagogy, law, health and architecture.


Many aspects of traffic safety are dealt with interactively. The approach of Austrian Mobility Research to promote traffic safety uses principles governing cognitive behaviour and emotional learning.


  • Transportation planning: Traffic design.
  • Traffic education: cognitive and educational tools.
  • Social Impact: Image campaigns and participation processes.

The integrative approach of Austrian Mobility Research uses preventive measures to ensure lasting success and encourages a conscious, realistic way of dealing with traffic safety.


Reference projects: