PTACCESS - Public Transport Systems’ Accessibility for People with Disabilities in Europe

EU Study investigating the accessibility of public transport systems for people with disabilities in 25 EU-Member States.

One specific area for which there was a lack of EU level data is the accessibility of public transport for people with disabilities and its impact on the employment and social integration prospects of people with disabilities.

PTaccess filled this gap and obtained actual information on the accessibility of public transport systems in 25 EU member states by analysing the state of accessibility of public transport from the point of view of disabled organisations, transport operators, and governmental authorities.

PTaccess also analysed good practices and innovation in making public transport accessible and enhanced the scientific base of policy by providing a sound assessment of the costs and benefits of making public transport accessible.

Furthermore PTaccess deepened the understanding of the transport-related contexts of social exclusion of disabled people, and draw conclusions about the effect which accessible public transport has on employment and social inclusion prospects.

Website: www.ptaccess.eu
Contact: Karl-Heinz Posch