TRANSFER - Intermodal Passenger Information and Ticketing

Prototype of an intermodal, real time transport information system for walking, cycling, public transport and car traffic.

The aim of the project was to support an environment-friendly mobility by provision of easy and attractive interchange facilities from individual to public transport. For this a system for intermodal travel information that can be described with the following key points was developed:

  • intermodal static transport information (which - in the course of TRANSFER - includes the transport modes walking, cycling, public transport and motorised traffic);
  • intermodal dynamic real time traffic information;
  • creation of comparability of the different modes (mainly by including time for parking for motorised traffic); and - most important -
  • integration of all the services into one system.

This integrated system - named the Traffic Information Service Provider in the context of the project - was developed into a functional prototype. Actually this prototype is further tested and improved and the discussion is ongoing how it will be published in the future.

Website: www.fgm.at/transfer
Contact: Karl-Heinz Posch