Concept for accessible Public Transport

Preparation of a concept for barrier-free public transport as a basis for further detailed implementation concepts in the federal states of Austria.

The Austrian Ministry (bmvit) and the governments of Upper Austria and Styria have entrusted FGM to elaborate comprehensive guidelines for accessible public transport in Austria including detailed objectives and criteria.

These guidelines shall form the basis for further elaboration of concrete concepts for accessible public transport in the provinces of Austria.

The following steps are taken within the project:

  • Overview on the relevant legal and regulatory framework conditions, and existing guidelines
  • Overview on the needs of the various user-groups
  • Overview on main barriers
  • Analysis of existing concepts for accessible public transport
  • Elaboration of a comprehensive catalogue including detailed objectives and criteria

In order to be able to elaborate sound and realistic objectives and criteria representatives of people with reduced mobility has been invited to bring in their expertise and knowledge during the whole course of the project.

Contact: Karl-Heinz Posch