To pass on knowledge

Mobility behaviour and energy use orientate on the existing offer and the knowledge of existing possibilities. To visualize fundamental correlations, possible courses for action and to open up new possibilities, Austrian Mobility Research aims to combine complex, long-time experiences and well-founded knowledge from different disciplines and areas in training programs. Essentially, this incorporates topics like: energy, health, nutrition, mobility management, mobility behaviour, design and usage of public space and parking space management.


Austrian Mobility Research organises Europe-wide education and training for mobility and transport experts (e.g. within STEER, European territorial cooperation (ETC) etc.).

The company also offers tailor-made training courses for mobility consultants, staff of mobility centres, energy or management agencies as well as courses for the quality assurance in bicycle traffic. There, a good balance between theoretical knowledge transfer and applied practical implementation is of great importance. During the implementation period clients are also supported by „training on the job“-measures.


Design and provision of various training materials, - from information materials up to audio books – complete Austrian Mobility Research’s offer.